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SDG 8 Projects

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Alignment of Business Operations with ESG Goals

Helixos helps clients align their business operations with ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors and sustainability goals. We review various aspects of the operations, supply chain, services, and products of a business, give recommendations on ESG goals, and assist in tracking progress.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Circular Economy in Papua New Guinea

Helixos worked with a nonprofit in Papua New Guinea to provide strategic and technical advice in the areas of solid waste and resource management. We reviewed existing challenges with regulations, policy, and available infrastructure to enable the exploration and selection of key opportunities in circular economy concepts, community capability development, and energy recovery solutions.

Technical Advisory

Community Engagement for Small Modular Reactors in Europe

Helixos supported local community engagement efforts for one of the first small modular reactor sites in Europe. This included conveying the benefits of energy security, promoting local jobs and suppliers, and answering frequently asked questions about nuclear energy.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Business Case for Nuclear Simulator Educational Product

Helixos developed a complete product business case, marketing strategy, and pricing strategy for a nuclear operations simulator educational product, which included market research and identifying early adopters, resulting in additional customers for the simulator.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Coal Repurposing Market Research

Helixos supported a nuclear power developer in evaluating how coal plants could be repurposed with SMRs in terms of infrastructure and retraining staff. We also quantified the potential market for repurposing coal plants in the U.S., and other countries, and identified top prospects for retiring coal plants to repower.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Competitor Analysis of Advanced Nuclear Technology Companies

Helixos conducted a competitor analysis of advanced nuclear technology companies on the dimensions of technology, market, and communications. This resulted in a SWOT analysis and recommendations for the client.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Capacity Building and Empowerment of Women in Uganda

Helixos volunteered for a nonprofit organisation in Uganda to help raise funds for their capacity-building programs, including education and training for women to become entrepreneurs and the repairing of boreholes to provide clean water for rural communities.

Strategic Communications

Commercialisation of Small Modular Reactors

Helixos is supporting the commercialisation of new nuclear energy technology through market-driven approaches and strategic communications. We have researched and outlined strategies for key markets, such as coal repurposing and hydrogen production, and new products, such as an educational reactor simulator.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

Marketing and Communications for Advanced Nuclear Energy

Helixos supported all aspects of marketing and communications for an advanced nuclear energy startup, including brand strategy, audience research, and developing and reviewing marketing materials (presentations, web copy, social media posts, fact sheets, talking points, media responses, etc.) for various channels.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation

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