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SDG 12 Projects

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Circular Economy in Papua New Guinea

Helixos worked with a nonprofit in Papua New Guinea to provide strategic and technical advice in the areas of solid waste and resource management. We reviewed existing challenges with regulations, policy, and available infrastructure to enable the exploration and selection of key opportunities in circular economy concepts, community capability development, and energy recovery solutions.

Technical Advisory

Fine Coal Waste Processing

Helixos supported an R&D company in identifying and engaging with early adopters for its novel technology to process fine coal waste, providing a pathway for remediating and returning land to coal mining communities.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Sustainable Waste Management for Nuclear Medicine

Helixos delivered a detailed life cycle cost assessment for waste management in a nuclear medicine manufacturing operation. This included an end-to-end analysis of waste collection, processing, conditioning, transport, and disposal. Cost models were developed for each product highlighting volume flows through all processing pathways.

Technical Advisory

Commercialisation Support for Multi-User Dashboard for Marine Renewable Energy Planning and Development

Helixos undertook market research and sizing for a company developing a multi-user dashboard used by multiple stakeholders across marine renewable energy planning and development. A customer value proposition assessment was also undertaken to explore the potential market for their tool.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Near Infrared Probe for the Biomass Energy Industry

Helixos provided expertise and consultation for the development of a business plan to commercialise a near-infrared probe for the bioenergy industry. This project included the development of a business model canvas to identify customers, partners, distribution channels, and potential revenue streams.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Commercialisation of Anti-Corrosive Coating for Waste Storage

Helixos conducted market research and engaged with potential end users for a novel super-repellent powder coating to make dry storage canisters for spent nuclear fuel more resistant to corrosion.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Regulatory Documentation for Waste Storage Facility

Helixos developed regulatory documentation across safety, environment, and operational functions and delivered technical insights for waste management and decommissioning practices. These documents facilitated the successful licensing of a radioactive waste storage facility.

Technical Advisory

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