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Advanced Nuclear Energy Marketing and Communications

Support all aspects of marketing and communications for an advanced nuclear energy startup, including brand strategy, audience research, and developing and reviewing marketing materials (presentations, web copy, social media posts, fact sheets, talking points, media responses, etc.) for various channels.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation,

Bringing Tidal Power to Market

Helixos developed a go-to-market strategy for a startup to deploy its hydrokinetic tidal wave power system in remote coastal areas in the U.S., including analysing potential business models, financing, and government grants.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Circular Economy in Papua New Guinea

Helixos worked with a nonprofit in Papua New Guinea to provide strategic and technical advice in the areas of solid waste and resource management. We reviewed existing challenges with regulations, policy, and available infrastructure to enable the exploration and selection of key opportunities in circular economy concepts, community capability development, and energy recovery solutions.

Technical Advisory

Commercialisation of a 2D/3D Machine Visualisation Platform

Helixos conducted market research for an R&D firm developing a 2D/3D machine vision platform in addition to its core capability. This research included addressing new markets served by the new technology.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Branding Strategy and Marketing Materials for a Solar Cyber Security and Operational Technology

Helixos supported the development a branding strategy, marketing assets, and social media content for a cyber security operational technology in the solar industry.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Capacity Building in Asia for a New Nuclear Energy Program

Helixos supported an Asian country for preparing for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) process to develop the infrastructure for a new nuclear energy program.

Technical Advisory

Coal Repurposing Market Research

Helixos supported an nuclear power developer in evaluating how coal plants could be repurposed with SMRs in terms of infrastructure and retraining staff. We also quantified the potential market for repurposing coal plants in the U.S., and other countries, and identified top prospects for retiring coal plants to repower.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation,

Commercialising Anti-Corrosive Coating for Waste Storage

Helixos conducted market research and engaged with potential end users for a novel super-repellent powder coating to make dry storage canisters for spent nuclear fuel more resistant to corrosion.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Bringing Small Modular Reactors to Market

Helixos is supporting the commercialisation of new nuclear energy technology through market-driven approaches and strategic communications. We have researched and outlined strategies for key markets, such as coal repurposing and hydrogen production, and new products, such as an educational reactor simulator.

Strategic Communications, Cleantech Commercialisation,

Capacity Building to Empower Women in Uganda

Helixos volunteered for a nonprofit organisation in Uganda to help raise funds for their capacity building programs, including education and training for women to become entrepreneurs and the repairing of boreholes to provide clean water for rural communities.

Strategic Communications

Commercialisation Plan and Market Research for High Penetration Wireless Networking Technology

Helixos conducted tailored market research for a startup that is developing a high penetration wireless networking technology for nuclear power plants. Helixos also developed a commercialisation plan containing market sizing, customer analysis, and competitor analysis.

Cleantech Commercialisation

Commercialising Electrodes for Molten Salt Advanced Reactors and Solar Plants

Helixos mentored and provided market research for a startup that is commercialising a novel, more robust electrode to measure and monitor molten salts used in advanced nuclear reactors and concentrated solar plants.

Cleantech Commercialisation

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