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Helixos provides Science Communication Training as part of our Cleantech Commercialisation and Strategic Communications services.

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Why SciComm?

The principles of effective science communication show that technology adoption is most successful for everyone when the public is engaged in the development and deployment process.


However, most technology developers and enablers have limited training in the art of effective communication and engagement with stakeholders, including investors, customers, policymakers, and the public. 

Our SciComm Workshop gives trainees the opportunity to learn and practice effective science communication based on the values/engagement model.

Our ultimate goal is social design: where technology is designed and deployed with the entire social context in mind and everyone can benefit.

SciComm Workshop

With multiple interactive sessions, Helixos can tailor our workshop to your specific needs as an organisation. The standard workshop includes two parts, conducted in-person or virtually:

Training Class (2 to 3 hours)

  • Effective science communication

  • Importance of social design

  • Values exercise

  • Practice storytelling in breakout groups

Individual Presentations

  • Trainees each develop their own presentation based on their story and technology

  • Presented in multiple small groups

  • Peer and instructor feedback  

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People in Park

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the basics of effective science communication and the values/engagement model

  • Learn how to incorporate social design into your work

  • Learn and practice essential presentation and storytelling skills to engage with external stakeholders and diverse audiences 

  • Convey your personal story as it relates to the story of your technology


People trained in science communication to date

Bring technology to life

Get in touch for more information on our SciComm Workshop and other training programs

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