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Ideas to Impact

Reinventing the entire journey of
technology development and deployment

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Market Entry Strategy for Hydrogen Electrolysers 

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos developed a market entry strategy for a European company to export its hydrogen electrolyser solutions to Australia. We used our network and knowledge of the Australian energy market to connect with green hydrogen project developers and provide recommendations for entering the market, including conducting early business development with 30+ qualified leads.


Unlocking the Potential for Fusion Energy

Cleantech Commercialisation

Strategic Communications

Helixos supports all aspects of strategic communications and stakeholder management for a fusion energy start-up, including community engagement for a new facility. We also provide insights on the energy and other niche markets and advise on business strategy.


Sustainable Waste Management for Nuclear Medicine

Helixos delivered a detailed life cycle cost assessment for waste management at a nuclear medicine manufacturing facility. This included an end-to-end analysis of waste collection, processing, conditioning, transport, and disposal. Cost models were developed for each product highlighting volumes flows through all processing pathways.

Technical Advisory

Our Story

At Helixos, we work at the intersection of strategy consulting and technical advisory on projects that align with sustainable development. We work with startups, research organisations, investors, governments, and end users to commercialise and implement cleantech. Our vision is to reinvent the entire journey of technology development and deployment - from ideas to impact.

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