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Bringing Small Modular Reactors to Market

Strategic Communications

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos is supporting the commercialisation of new nuclear energy technology through market-driven approaches and strategic communications. We have researched and developed strategies for key markets, such as coal repurposing and hydrogen production, and new products, such as an educational reactor simulator.

Image by Daniel Seßler

Market Entry Strategy for Hydrogen Electrolysers 

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos developed a market entry strategy for a European company to export its hydrogen electrolyser solutions to Australia. We used our network and knowledge of the Australian energy market to connect with green hydrogen project developers and provide recommendations for entering the market, including conducting early business development with 30+ qualified leads.


Sustainable Waste Management for Nuclear Medicine

Technical Advisory

Helixos delivered a detailed life cycle cost assessment for waste management at a nuclear medicine manufacturing facility. This included an end-to-end analysis of waste collection, processing, conditioning, transport, and disposal. Cost models were developed for each product highlighting volumes flows through all processing pathways.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Science Communication Training

Strategic Communications

Helixos provides training and workshops to organisations and their employees to understand the basics of effective science communication, incorporate social design into their work, and practise presentations and storytelling about their technologies.


Unlocking the Potential for Fusion Energy

Cleantech Commercialisation

Strategic Communications

Helixos supports all aspects of strategic communications and stakeholder management for a fusion energy startup, including community engagement for a new facility. We also provide insights on the energy market and other niche markets and advise on business strategy.

Image by Sime Basioli

Hydrogen Market Assessment

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos undertook market research and calculated the market size and revenue potential for various hydrogen technologies that are being developed by a national laboratory. Market entry strategies, including potential partners and IP pathways, were developed for each technology.

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Promoting Sustainable Energy Policy in Australia

Strategic Communications

Technical Advisory

Helixos works with an energy think tank in Australia on writing and editing public policy papers to promote progressive, technology-inclusive energy policy. We reviewed and advised on a policy paper on the ability for small modular reactors to support a 'just transition' for coal communities in Australia.

Crane lifting on construction site

Regulatory Documentation for a New Waste Storage Facility

Technical Advisory

Helixos developed regulatory documentation across safety, environment, and operational functions and delivered technical insights for waste management and decommissioning practices. These documents facilitated the successful licensing of a radioactive waste storage facility.

Chemical works

Strategic Plan for a Research Organisation

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos developed a strategic plan for an R&D division of a national laboratory by identifying external drivers through in-depth global market research and aligning core capabilities to produce a detailed strategy for their relevant markets. This included defining their value proposition, commercial offering, and customer and partner profile. A consolidated financial model supported the analysis.


Podcasts for the Curious

Strategic Communications

Helixos serves on the advisory board of a podcast production agency that is committed to promoting science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) in society.

College Lecture

External Relations Strategy for a University Program

Strategic Communications

Capacity Building

Helixos developed an external relations strategy for a university's nuclear engineering program to promote diverse participants and expand their impacts to new communities. This involved reviewing the processes related to recruitment, partnerships, and advocacy. Helixos also supported the implementation of communications and engagement. The program is now receiving its largest intake ever with students from new domains.

Image by Simon Maisch

Diverse Applications of Borehole Disposal

Technical Advisory

Helixos compared the diverse applications of borehole disposal, including for hydrogen storage, radioactive waste disposal, and sequestration of carbon dioxide. This included an assessment of the geological requirements, risk and safety considerations, monitoring requirements, and public acceptance for the various applications.

Solar Energy

Market Research for Solar Cyber Security and  Operational Technology

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos conducted primary market research for a startup that is developing an operational technology and cyber security solution for medium to large scale solar fields. We also identified potential end users in the wider energy market.


Bringing Tidal Power to Market

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos developed a go-to-market strategy for a startup to deploy its hydrokinetic tidal wave power system in remote coastal areas in the US, including analysing potential business models, financing, and government grants.

Solar Panel

Producing Hydrogen from Solar PECs

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos conducted market research, competitive analysis, and connected with potential users to inform the development of novel membranes for solar photoelectrochemical cells (PECs), which produce hydrogen directly from sunlight and water. 

Image by Annie Spratt

National Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for Nuclear Energy

Strategic Communications

Helixos developed a stakeholder engagement strategy to have nuclear energy considered as part of Australia's energy mix. This included defining approaches for engaging key stakeholder groups and the broader community in garnering political and public support.

Image by Mathias Bach Laursen

Project Management Support for a Legacy Waste Facility

Technical Advisory

Project Management

Helixos provided project management support across operations, regulatory and risk functions for a legacy radioactive waste storage facility. This included establishing a risk baseline for the project and safety, environmental, and regulatory strategy development.

White pen with papers

Regulatory Review of Radioactive Waste Classification

Technical Advisory

Helixos reviewed regulations and international guidance for radioactive material and waste classification and provided recommendations for internal processes including characterisation, classification tools, and operations.


Capacity Building to Empower Women in Uganda

Capacity Building

Helixos volunteered for a nonprofit organisation in Uganda to help raise funds for their capacity building programs including education and training for women to become entrepreneurs and the repairing of boreholes to provide clean water for rural communities.

Morobe Landscape Photo.webp

Circular Economy in Papua New Guinea

Capacity Building

Technical Advisory

Helixos worked with a nonprofit in Papua New Guinea to provide strategic and technical advice in the areas of solid waste and resource management. We reviewed existing challenges with regulations, policy, and available infrastructure to enable the exploration and selection of key opportunities in circular economy concepts, community capability development, and energy recovery solutions.

Cloudy Sky

Customer Discovery for Carbon Capture Technology

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos developed a customer discovery plan and identified key industry contacts to facilitate the deployment of a new carbon capture technology being developed by an R&D company.

Image by Nicolas Thomas

Helium-3 Market Study

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos delivered a market study on the global production and supply of helium-3, which is a rare isotope that is used in medical imaging, quantum computing, cryogenic cooling, and as a fusion fuel. Commercial production of helium-3 on Earth could help us avoid mining it on the Moon.

Green Indoors

ESG Review and Tracking

Social Design

Helixos helps clients align their business operations with ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors and sustainability goals. We review various aspects of the operations, supply chain, services, and products of a business, give recommendations on ESG goals, and assist in tracking progress.

Solar Power Station

Commercialising Molten Salt Electrodes

Cleantech Commercialisation

Helixos mentored and provided market research for a startup that is commercialising a novel, more robust electrode to measure and monitor molten salts used in advanced nuclear reactors and concentrated solar plants.

Image by Bonnie Kitahata

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