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Helixos Space

Space Tech Commercialisation

Night Skies

Earth and Beyond

We work with innovators to commercialise space tech that benefits people on Earth today and takes humanity beyond. We work at the intersection of research and industry to bridge the earth and stars.

The Helixos team has deep expertise in bringing technology to market in emerging hi-tech industries.

Our vision is to reinvent the entire journey of technology development and deployment - from ideas to impact. 


Space Tech Commercialisation

Partnering with you on the commercialisation journey with:

  • Product and business strategy

  • Market research

  • Market entry

  • Business development

  • Partnership development

Strategic Communications

An essential part of commercialisation is communication, including:

  • Communications and marketing strategy

  • Content development

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Science communication training

The Milky Way


We work with startups, research organisations, and other innovators to bring hard technology to market. Here are some of our projects:

Southern Ring Nebula - NASA STScl_edited.jpg

Unlocking the Potential of Fusion Energy

Helixos supports all aspects of strategic communications and stakeholder management for a fusion energy startup, including community engagement for a new facility. We also provide insights on the energy market and other niche markets and advise on business strategy

Full Moon

Helium-3 Market Study

Helixos delivered a market study on the global production and supply of helium-3, which is a rare isotope that is used in medical imaging, quantum computing, cryogenic cooling, and as a fusion fuel. The Moon could be an excellent source of helium-3, being much more abundant than here on Earth.


Betavoltaics for Remote Power

Helixos developed a strategic plan based on in-depth market research and connecting with industry to commercialise betavoltaic batteries that can provide long-term power for satellites and sensors in other harsh environments.

Cosmic Cliffs in Carina Nebula - NASA STScl.png

Image Credits: NASA, STScl

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